Larammos Grit LTD is the company that manufactures and trades the product of blasting abrasives grit. The factory premises are in Larymna Fthiotis, about 120km north of Athens on the 2nd kilometer of the national peripheral road of Larymna - Martino, whereas Larammos Grit LTD engages with the whole process of manufacturing and trading of the product.  The company Larammos Grit LTD is responsible for the production and trading management of the product of blasting abrasives grit and promotes it to the Greek and foreign markets. The registered seat for Larammos Grit LTD is in Thrakomakedones, Attica.


The factory was established by Karousatos S.A. the year 1977 and it is the first factory of processing and utilization of pyrometallurgical slag holding a certificate of patent. Larammos Grit has completed the purchase of Karousatos S.A and also holds a contract for exclusive supply of the product of furnaced slag, which derives as a by-product after the metallurgical treatment of the laterite. Larammos Grit supplies with the product of blasting cleaning abrasives grit not only the local market but also exercises exporting activity in European and third countries. In the year 2010, the Company under new stock ownership and new administration began the factory's reconstruction, with modern production methods and storage facilities. The production infrastructures include facilities of pumping, storage and process of water, facilities of washing and dehydrating, facilities of draining (rotation furnace) and grain fractionation (rotation sieve).

The product is distributed into the different production phases by transportation bands or chain transporters. For the loading and delivery of the product, Larammos Grit LTD has - for bulk product - mechanical loading machinery and privately owned trucks. The new factory in its present form has a yearly production capacity of 600.000tn. It has roofed and open storage room of total capacity of 40.000 tons. Larammos Grit LTD keeps approximately 20 people as personnel. All the employees have been the staff of the company for many years and are most qualified. There are chemical engineers, machinery operators and specialised technicians for the raw material process. Certified truck drivers are also engaged to perform all deliveries and transportation.

Regarding the organisation of the Company, the Director of Production is responsible for the whole above described process, from the moment the raw material enters the premises until its final destination to each client. Moreover, the chief Engineer is responsible for the supervision of the heavy machinery in every part of the process. There is also the director of the Accounts Department, with the help of subordinate accountants and other office employees.

Sales - Exports

The Company, besides the Greek market, exports in the total European and Balkan market, exporting in many countries, such as Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia, Algeria, Cyprus, Turkey, Italy,Malta etc. Specifically, an 88% percentage of the group's sales are in exporting to the aforementioned countries.

The orders for inland clients are in a daily basis, where transportation is executed by trucks, whereas for exports the delivery is executed by ship.


The Company wishes to expand its exporting activity to other countries and making new partnerships