Raw Material

The raw material is the pyrometallurgical non-metallic slag that is produced during the melting of the laterite ore in electrical furnaces of local factory. It is chemically characterized as an iron silicate compound that contains small quantities of aluminum, calcium and magnesium.
The produced slag after growing cold with the help of cold water, it is granulated and led to final placement. The granulated raw material consisting mostly of iron silicates is transported and further processed in the company's facilities (cleansing-Washing - Drying- fractionalizing).

Grit Material

The product according to EN ISO 11126-5: “Preparation of steel substrates before application of paints and related products -Specifications for non metallic blast cleaning abrasives-Part 5 Nickel refinery slag”, characterised as follow

Blast clean abrasives ISO 11126 N/Nl/G 0,2-2,8

The Larammos abrasives grit is an especially granular product with sharp edges, and its grains are of irregular shape and increased hardness and specific weight.

The above mentioned characteristics give the product excellent cutting and cleaning characteristics on surfaces (metallic and not) during blasting.

In that way, the cleaning effect that is succeeded places the material as product of model use.

The product as abrasives grit cleansing material, is environmental friendly and does not harm humans’ health. It is safe for omissions, due to the fact that no heavy metals or other substances harmful for human health derive from it.

The ecological compliance of the product is certified from LGA QualiTest GmbH - Germany

The basic technical characteristics of the product are:

Physical Properties: 
Non inflammable, non hygroscopic, angular git material

In black colour and with outdoor

Technical properties
      The chemical Composition    
Characteristic  Reference Standard Typical Value   Component Chemical symbol Concentration [%] w (Typical values)
Colour        Iron Oxide Fe2O3 35
Particle Size Distribution EN ISO 11127-2 0,2-2.8  [mm].   Silica Oxide SiO2 40
Specific Gravity EN ISO 11127-3 3,6 kg/dm3   Aluminum Oxide Al2O3 7
Hardness EN ISO 11127-4 6.3  Mohs   Magnesium Oxide MgO 5
Humidity EN ISO 11127-5 0.1 % per weight   Calcium Oxide CaO 4
Conductivity EN ISO 11127-6 200 μS/cm   Chromium Oxide Cr2O3 3
Water Dissolved Chlorides EN ISO 11127-7 0,002% per weight    Potassium Oxide K2O 0,2
        Cooper Oxide CuO Traces
Grain size        Zinc Oxide ZnO Traces
Sieve size [mm]  Weight presentence [%]     Sulphur SO4 <0,1
>3,15 0     Chloride Cl <0,1
>2,8 10          
<0,2 5          


The product of abrasive grit in its final form is available packaged in bulk, in big bags of 1 ton or 2 tons and finnaly in carton sacks of 30kg each. The company can undertake the transportation of the product to its final destination.